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Royal Gui Fei Oolong - 50g
Royal Gui Fei Oolong - 50g
Royal Gui Fei Oolong - 50g
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Royal Gui Fei Oolong - 50g


ORIGIN: Taiwan, 

DESC: Also known as Concubine Oolong, it is considered one of the sweetest Oolong teas. Similar to Oriental Beauty, the tea's sweet fruit and honey flavour is the result of tiny leafhoppers chewing on the leaves. The plant's natural defence to the invasion and oxidisation changes the flavour of the leaf, yielding a distrinctive honey-like aroma and taste to the tea. Gui Fei is a complex tea, as the taste and aroma can change with every steep. Like other oolong teas, it helps with digestion and promotes the cleansing and breaking down of fats and oils. 

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