Quali-tea Sydney (Taka Tea Garden)


Gyokuro (jewel dew) is a fine and expensive type of shaded green tea from Japan. If differs from the standard sencha (a classic unshaded green tea) in being grown under the shade for 30 days before harvesting.



Serve: 1 tsp (2 grams) to 1 cup of water

Water Temperature: 60°C (can be made by mixing boiling water with 40% cold water)

Brewing: Pour the prepared water over the top of the leaves and let brew for 1 minutes. If desired, gently breaking the leaves against the side of the tea pot or mesh will give your tea a fuller and smoother taste.

2 infusions are possible with the same leaves.

We recommend eating the leaves after brewing. Very good for your health. If you cannot eat the leaves straight, then mix in with your lunch or dinner.

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