Quali-tea Sydney (Taka Tea Garden)


These testimonials have come from customers visiting our store. We have a small book here, where people can write any comments about the shop and tea. These are some of the testimonials that have been written:

Prikeylova Eva 2004-08-11 Gyokuro It's great! Cest excellent! New Caledonia.
Charles 2008-08-12 Gyokuro I recommend it to everyone. It helped me reduce my cholesterol and weight.
Mari 2004-08-18 Gyokuro It's fantasic. I'm feeling much better and no headaches.
Warren Gurthe 2004-08-23 Gyokuro Lowered my blood pressure, less stress.
Lori Lee 2004-08-28 Gyokuro Wonderful taste, help with stress level and overall wellness.
Mark 2004-09-08 Gyokuro It is helping with my wife's cancer.
Annette 2004-09-09 Sencha I love drinking Sencha, tea after breakfast every morning! 
Melanie 2004-09-23 Rose & Lemongrass, Sencha Can't sleep? Rose & Lemongrass tea is the perfect cure! Sench tea is great for clearing up blemishes - 1 cup at breakfast works a treat!
Renee 2004-09-30 Sencha I no longer buy tea bags from the supermarket. Sencha is a fantastic tea!
Nicolai 2004-11-18 Gyokuro Drinking daily for several months - Not one day sick! Recommend to anybody!
Peggy 2004-11-19 Gyokuro Blood pressure 150/114 now 130/80.
Helen 2004-12-20 Gyokuro Blood pressure 180 now 114/64 feeling better.
Wendy Young 2004-10-28 Genmaicha On the downhill slide to menopause. This has helped enormously!! Best tea taste ever! sweat by it!!
Bruce Ryan 2005-02-05 Gyokuro Very refereshing - Blood pressure 145/95 to 128/80. Now off blood pressure medicine.
Melinda Doust 2005-01-24 Gyokuro My dad has been drinking for 3 months. He has prostate cancer & his PSA level has dropped from 7 to 0.9 & feels much better than ever.


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